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 hello! my name is (mx.) cinnamon, they/them. i'm an adult (early 20's) - nonbinary bisexual and some flavor of aroace. i like playing ffxiv, drawing, writing, and whatever else my whims dictate. dark knight and reaper are my main classes, followed by red mage and sage ! my favorite tea is earl grey bravo from adagio, followed by any honey lemon ginger tea (except bigelow's, theirs is gross).

A simplistic rendition of a person with light freckled skin, dark hair, and green eyes, wearing a navy blue jumpsuit. They are looking out a viewport, which shows a starry sky.
A simplistic rendition of a person with light freckled skin, dark hair, and green eyes, wearing a navy blue jumpsuit. They are looking out a viewport, which shows a starry sky.

dawntrail! (no spoilers mentioned)

hi hello another update. Dawntrail early access is going as planned (not doing MSQ until certain tools are back), so I'll most likely craft or gather to get my stupid crown back or level jobs or level alts (made another one. Why? for fun!). did some art while maintenence, might work on the other piece more while I do stuff? We'll see...
not sure if I'll post the art here or not (I never do, huh), but I might post other smaller pieces? maybe?? Do I even have a gallery...
aside from that I'll also work on the ffxiv page more, maybe, since I think I left off editing the base character template? might add a comments widget on this page, if I can find one that Doesn't Suck.


forgot to actually properly update this in a while - redacting some previous blog entries because oops, I left a template one in there and also eh, some of this is... eh. gonna redo the timestamps actually this format drives me nuts. you know. in recent news I have been writing a little more and reading a little more and it's nice, now if I could like, properly actually DRAW something that'd be nice (unfortunately, as of late, my brain cannot focus on just one thing so that's fun). thinking of making and... selling...? coloring sheets??? I dunno. Do people buy those

"why update your main site" well I put a lot of effort into my ffxiv character directory, and now that I'm a beta reader for a fantastic longform writing project, why not update this one! can't be fucked to draw something new for my about page so woe. old art be upon ye.

sick & etc

was super sick for a week or so - still congested, but I can breathe somewhat normally now? Popped my right ear though so that bodes well. I look forward to actually being able to drink tea and taste it... been going through my big 16oz bag of Adagio's Earl Grey Bravo - I wish I had my zodiac tea but it's probably lost forever. [redacted]

applied to college AGAIN - last one dismissed me for *reads notes* not replying to their emails fast enough. except they took literal weeks to reply to ME! also fuck the notary for screwing up the notarization - who the fuck looks at a learner's permit and calls it a photo id? it's a driver's license. hopefully this college does... something... if not, I'm fucked because I can't find a job either - nobody is actually hiring. opened commissions again - on kofi this time, since that might be easier for others??

college 2 electric boogaloo

applied to a college again, got accepted (?), and the advisor seems to want to actually keep in touch with me (low standards, I know) - applied to a whole 2 scholarships, on the offchance I get them. some of these scholarships are weird as hell though - like one about knives (?) and one that's totally not an SEO scam... also I'm seriously considering getting a matching keyboard and mouse for the headset I was given >_>;

also bought myself art supplies in the first time in forever, am torn on actually using them or not (it's like 80 markers, and 72 colored pencils, and yet) - probably should've like, bought a sketchbook or two as well so... not like I can't later when I fill this one?

woops 2

forgot to update this again but to be fair I've been dealing with things such as crafting a million ship parts in FFXIV, playing Stardew Valley, etc etc. I should probably work on this and my ffxiv subpage but also *vaguely gestures* that being said I'm going to work on my site while I gather shit for this airship part

also obsessed with spreadsheets lately. they're so useful and I think I make too many lmao

also my headphones died last night and I am so disappointed, they were good headphones


forgot to update this - more or less the usual, been playing ffxiv and drawing and job hunting and all that. leveled fsh to 90, finished 6.3, etc etc. should probably work on clearing out inventory space proper but also I have a lot more to do like decorate my FC's new home and whatnot. that being said I am migrating my ffxiv page to a new site (new as in, a subpage lol)

the fucking weather

woke up to tornado alert, now theres a tornado watch, and i am sitting at my desktop keeping an eye on things while the sims 4 updates and such. a fear of tornados/high speed winds has been instilled in me from years of living in a mobile home and it shows - for good reason, i think. had my morning coffee, might work on my commissions page more, we'll see.


happy (late) new year got wrapped up in stuff related to ffxiv of course. got a house in ffxiv (small) and that was possible by working at a ffxiv venue until i quit lol. job hunting sucks actually and also im opening commissions soon (tm). havent been sleeping well and ive got so much to do. might write a longer post later but i've spent a fair amount of time getting commissions set up and i have more to do soooooo....

to be continued...

oops its been a week

i sort of forgot to update this.... anywho, made quite a new friends, am being more social, all that. i've been sleeping better now that my cat has decided to stop yowling, though i still keep having to nap thru the day. sleep debt i guess? made progress in ffxiv, not much but better than nothing - my crafter is good enough to craft grade 4 ★ ★ ★ ★ artisanal skybuilders vests now, which is a nice way to get a few skybuilders' scrips. my current goal is to... relearn monk? and also get some more glamours. not sure what else i wanna do, we'll see... i do need to level dancer bc of [redacted] giving me an amazing looking weapon. still waiting to transfer back to the immortal flames... or i could transfer to the twin adders(?) and become captain there but i've got flame seals i'm itching to spend. agh.

another day

ran world of darkness w my best friend (dropped in because the other healer plus several others disconnected)... it went. it sure did. i got 4 commendations, somehow, and the next time we ran it i got 2 commendations becauce i was funny? also, my new alt is fun to play. maybe i'll relearn monk finally... after 10000 years. isn't it funny how i'm relearning monk as a miqo'ra? anywho. working on getting my gatherers gear good enough to gather stuff for my crafters to make gil to buy things with (saving up for a dalmascan draped top on my alt. gotta complete the look yknow.) i'm writing this as i wait for gathering nodes to pop so i can grind for purple scrips to improve my gear because quite honestly... its as good as it's gonna get for now.

i'm not sure why i'm still so tired. haven't been sleeping well i guess. i certainly didn't sleep well last night... and i napped earlier to try and make up for it, didn't work too well. half wodnering if my meds need adjusted?? wish i had more to say but i do not really have much more to say.

mobile post: tired

spent all day cleaning, played some ffxiv with my best friend, had jack in the box, etc etc. thinking about picking up a hobby maybe or just doing sone crafty things for fun? i saw a little guy made out of tin foil and thought that was neat so i either need entertainment or i am just really chock full of creative energy.

i have a lot on my mind yet i am torn on what app to write my thoughts in. i mean. i had joplin on my old phone but... not sure about it now. everything feels so weird still. like it isn't actually happening. i might just be having those brainweirdbad late night thoughts though.

tomorrow we are having turkey day since my brother and his partner and my other brother are busy today.. gonna have a charceuterie board. however that is spelled.

school shite

advisor was a no-show Again today. rescheduled... again. in the meantime i've levelled rdm to 82 and now i'm a bit burnt out on the class :/
spent my day figuring out college stuff (sigh..) and being weirdly tired. on the bright side! i tasted a banana [properly] for the first time. it was nice. tomorrow i'll be.... attempting the interview again i guess... sigh.....
i want to play a diff game than ff14 but also like it's fun. maybe more minecraft is in order... also, made some refs for my wol as well as their lover/boyfriend/husband/etc, and a couple other of my best friends ocs. maybe i'll post them maybe i won't who knows. meant to do like, a blog post yesterday, but long story grapefruit soda reacted w my sleep meds and i slept till like 2pm and then felt weird all day.


still sick, had to reschedule a school interview, did some omega raids yesterday w my best friend, and uhhh.. been having weird dreams i guess. i slept well last night for once but who knows how long that'll last. did some cleaning up because the mess was driving me insane and now i'm tired because i have forgotten that i'm sick. gonna shower sometime today and maybe that will clear up some gunk. been spending some time trying to figure out how to do something very specific in ffxiv [leaving out details for reasons] and it seems a little hopeless to say the least. i had bought a phone case yesterday only to realize in my half-awake state i ordered the wrong one... so i guess i'll wait to get the right one since i don't want to spend more money than i have to.


finished my scythe the night before renfaire and made the ear covers for my bunny ears the morning of - ren faire was incredible, i got so many compliments on my scythe and costume (shout out to that other bunny i saw at ren faire), and i watched some cool stuff! got a necklace and some gloves as souvenirs, plus some pictures! i would post pictures but to be quite honest i'm just gonna keep most of them for myself ehehhe.

also, best friend got to shb and just begun the titular quest! aaaaa im so excited, amaurot makes me SO sad though in hindsight. like holy shit. i'd talk more about it but honestly it's hard to put the feelings into words other than *anguished screaming*

feeling even more sick today, no doubt thanks to the ashes and smoke at ren faire (some got in my nose...ew). sooo much ashes and smoke. speaking of smoked, i attempted to eat a whole turkey leg and failed lmao. it was good but i felt a liiittle too unhinged (plus i didn't want to get grease on my costume...) there was also apparently an asshole behind me at one point and decided at that point i would have a strawberry daiquri (very good, stole a sip of my parents and liked it so i had one myself). on the downside, that made walking and talking VERY hard but it was nice, if a bit awkward to drink around my family.


one more day to paint this scythe and i'm not sure if it even LOOKS good but i am going to commit to the bit (or something else.)
A photo of a prop scythe, covered in black tape with a yellow staff. The background is pixelated and the hand has been drawn over digitally.A photo of a prop scythe, painted gold. The background is pixelated.
so... guess ill finish painting it today. my friends say it's cool so it's cool (i think). also i feel less crummy than before but god my shoulder hurts i need to sleep in a better position than "pretzel" or "twister but in my sleep". the exhaustion is kind of making it really hard to motivate myself to finish painting my Damn Scythe. maybe if i have another energy drink

oh god oh god oh g

2 days till ren faire and i still havent finished painting my scythe (screaming) (crying) (sobbing) (congested)
i know it wouldnt take long but i feel gross and i keep sleeping in and ughfughdfghr2pe32he23
also been leveling pld and rdm and both are fun but rdm is more fun but only when im not healing

update: i feel worse physically but i got halfish my scythe painted. also did some pvp in ffxiv and holy shit i am bad at pvp but it's fun when it's crystalline conflict, frontlines takes WAYYYY too long to do and halfway thru my motivation gets sucked out of me like a vampire

the sickening part 2

sewed together my bunny tail, my throats feeling better for the most part but it still feels Wrong. i'll attach a pic of the completed bunny tail when i get a better picture of it lol
its supposed to rain when we go to ren faire so......thats fun. (not). hoping the weathers gonna be actually not raining when we actually go so...

the sickening

oh god i got sick and i slept till 3pm and my head kinda hurts and i need to work on the scythe
i also ran out of honey lemon tea :-( what am i to do about my sore throat now orz. ren faire is next weekend... so i hope i'm better by then


made a lot of progress on my ren faire project - the scythe, specifically. it's assembled, taped, and has the base coat of white paint applied. it's very cool! A photo of a prop scythe, covered in black tape with a yellow staff. The background is pixelated and the hand has been drawn over digitally.A photo of a prop scythe, covered in black tape with a yellow staff. The background is pixelated and the hand has been drawn over digitally.

oh, and i have sore throat. drinking honey lemon tea about it. i did get my flu shot recently, so that might be why.

my sleep meds kicked in... and oops, it's 2am. by the way, fuck daylight savings - it messes with me so bad.

an update

i ended up working on stuff for ren faire - prop scythe and bunny tail.. though i'm lacking materials so i will continue working on both later. went to get jeans and stuff at costco yesterday only to find my parent is veeerrrryy bad at eyeballing pant sizes

hmm. also, had some weird mushroom crisps yesterday.

cinnamon's first blog entry

i've decided to start a blog, mostly for... fun? i guess? it'd be nice to write stuff sometimes i'm a bit intimidated by coding in html/css again so i'm using a template courtesy of john-doe.

still unsure of what to put on this site. maybe i'll think of something later.

this will have stuff in it one day

recipe book

here are some recipes i've saved over the years - i'll try to add more as i remember them!

sesame noodles

• 1 pound spaghetti noodles
• 1/2 cup reduced-sodium soy sauce
• 2 tablespoons sesame oil
• 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
• 2 tablespoons rice-wine vinegar • 1/2 cups toasted sesame seeds
* pot to cook noodles in
* bowl for mixing sauce and noodles
* spoon for stirring noodles and sauce

1. begin cooking spaghetti according to directions on package - a bit softer than al dente is ideal
2. while the noodles cook, prepare the sauce by mixing the soy sauce, sesame oil, olive oil, and rice-wine vinegar - adjusting to personal taste
3. when noodles are done cooking, place in cold water to prevent further cooking
4. heat a wide pan, and toss the sesame seeds until they are fragrant - combine everything in a bowl

cheap noodle sauce

• 3 tablespoons low-sodium soy sauce
• 1 tablespoon toasted sesame oil
• 1 tablespoon chili garlic paste (or none, or to taste)
• 1 tablespoon almond butter
• 1 tablespoon brown sugar
• 1 packet instant noodles or equivalent preferred noodle
* bowl/pan for cooking noodles in
* bowl for mixing sauce and noodles in
* eating utensil for mixing sauce and noodles + eating

1. cook noodles according to package
2. while noodles cook, combine everything else until smooth
3. drain noodles, reserving some of the liquid, and combine everything

simple bread

• 3 cups all-purpose flour
• 1 teaspoon active dry yeast
• 2 teaspoons salt
• 1 ⅔ cups warm water (110°F/45°C)
• small amount of oil for greasing
* pan to bake bread in
* pan to put water in for crust
* bowl for mixing dough in

1. combine all ingredients, thoroughly kneading, and let rise for 1 hour
2. punch dough down again, let rise for another hour
3. grease a pan (i use olive oil, use whatever you want), transfer dough to pan, rise until it looks ready
4. while dough rises in pan, preheat oven to 425°F/220°C
5. place bread in oven, as well as a pan with with a shallow amount of water - bake for 20min or until golden brown

soy sauce mushrooms

• 8oz any mushrooms
• 1 tablespoon oil
• pat of butter
• 12 cloves garlic, crushed + peeled + minced
• 3 tablespoons soy sauce
• water for washing mushrooms in
* (optional, recommended) garlic crusher/mincer
* bowl for washing mushrooms in
* pan to sautee mushrooms in
* spatula for stirring mushrooms

1. slice the mushrooms, and wash thoroughly with water until water runs clear, gently rubbing the mushrooms to remove debris
2. preheat pan on medium heat
2. crush the garlic using preferred method and place in pan - i personally use a garlic crusher
3. add mushrooms and soy sauce to pan, stirring occasionally
4. cook until mushrooms have shrunken in size and are fragrant - add the pat of butter and turn off the heat, while continuing to stir